Matty Mo

The Most Famous Artist

NomadX Entrepreneur in Residence


While I’m in Lisbon with NomadX, I’ll be hosting workshops on self-promotion and viral media. I’m inviting anyone who’s ever wanted to know what goes on in my head when I create a new idea. I’ll be here to develop your thoughts, help you grow as a person, and launch your next big project. Sign up to join us, and I look forward to meeting you!

NomadX & Matty Mo

NomadX hosts people like you (passionate entrepreneurs, freelancers, business owners, and remote workers) in cities around the world and provides world-class workshops with entrepreneurs-in-residence, like me. NomadX takes care of everything so you and I can be part of an engaging, creative community. Starting at €45/Day, they’ll provide housing and an unparalleled network. Optionally, they provide work space, SIM cards, airport pickup/drop-off, and more— all passed on at-cost. 


July 19-August 8, August 17-31

€45/Day - Includes housing, networking, and more

About Matty

Many simply know me as The Most Famous Artist, but I’m also a Stanford educated, 3x Ad Tech founder/investor who has launched global companies and pioneered the future of advertising. My recent ventures as a data-driven conceptual artist/curator/collector include: the most photographed mural in world, New York Times worthy art project, and numerous campaigns that have drawn hundreds of thousands of fans through viral social media. Links to some of my projects:

- Mr. Money

- Kanye Shrine

- Pink Houses

Join Matty Mo in Lisbon this August




NomadX is an international work-abroad program that allows entrepreneurial minds to live, work, and explore in new cities. We bring talented people together to improve productivity, jump-start creativity, and live the dream of traveling the world.